Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PM kit?

A PM kit is a quarterly preventive maintenance kit for your espresso machine. Just like getting the oil changed in your car to keep it running smoothly, changing and replacing the wear parts in your espresso machine group head will keep your machine running happy.  This effort in preventive maintenance will also help assure quality and consistency of your end product- tasty espresso! 

How often should I be replacing these parts?

We suggest replacing these wear items at least every 3 months. For extremely high volume cafes every month may be appropriate. For Home machines once or twice a year might be okay. Please email if you have specific questions about your machine. 

What is included in each kit?

  • Each kit includes: 
  • One basket
  • One silicone gasket
  • One screen 
  • One vinyl glove
  • One sample of espresso machine cleaner 
  • Maybe a surprise or two!

If you need a new group head screw, please visit the "Add on Product" page. 

Why should I subscribe?

You are a busy business owner, you've got a lot to keep track of. You are rotating retail bags of coffee, unclogging floor sinks and paying your staff a living wage!  Let us help keep your espresso machine in perfect working order.  Receiving PM kits every quarter allows you to take care of your equipment with ease, and worry about the more pressing issues like where you misplaced the charger for your scale.  Preventive maintenance means fixing it before its broken, we make sure you don't forgot it! 

How do I know what brand of Espresso Machine I have?

Take a look around your machine, there is probably a logo badge on the back (the customer facing side of the machine), or maybe under the drain tray. It you can't find the brand or manufacturer, send us an email with a photo and we will help identify your equipment!

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