How It Works

Espresso machine maintenance made easy!  After  you sign up you will receive a kit quarterly with every thing you need to maintain your espresso machine so it keeps running smoothly.

Start by choosing the size of your espresso machine - 1, 2 or 3 group heads. 

Next choose your preferred size of your portafilter basket. We offer three sizes, 14g, 18g and 20g 

Next pick the gasket that fits the manufacturer of your espresso machine.  

Finally choose the right screen for your machine. 

Pick your delivery option, we suggest performing your preventive maintenance routine once every three months. 

You can pre order and subscribe for up to a year of PM kits! 

What is included in each kit?

  • Each kit includes: 
  • One basket
  • One silicone gasket
  • One screen
  • One vinyl glove
  • One sample of espresso machine cleaner 
  • And maybe a surprise or two!

Step 1

Choose your machine size

Step 2

Pick the right parts for the job

Step 3

preform your preventive maintenance routine! 

High quality materials and OEM parts made to fit your espresso machines. Our parts are made to our exacting specifications and then inspected to ensure quality.

Get started today!